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DISCLAIMER: I am a former synchro skater who is simply writing her opinions as a way of keeping up with the sport. It is not my intention to offend any team. If you disagree with anything I say, I'd love to hear your thoughts - but please remember that we are all entitled to our opinions!
I will never reveal what team(s) I skated for. Even though I am no longer on a team, I wouldn't want to take the chance of anything reflecting poorly on my former teams and coaches.

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Revisiting this video, I realized how crazy it is that Worlds were broadcast on Lifetime! That is kind of a huge deal, and it would be amazing if it could happen again (on any network). Does anyone have connections in network or broadcast television?

"One big family, one common dream"

I got pretty excited when I saw Marigold’s 2013-2014 SP for the first time. For those who may not have been synchro savvy in 2002-2003, the beginning of Marigold’s new SP is the exact same as their iconic 2002-2003 Lion King LP. One big difference: they now have 16 skaters instead of 20! How cool would it be if every team remixed their greatest programs?

This kind YouTube user has uploaded a lot of videos from Worlds. Thanks placeabonament!


When a team skates like this, it makes the argument that synchronized skaters are not as skilled as freestyle skaters null and void.  Thank you, Team Paradise.  If this is the future of synchronized skating, they won’t be able to ignore us for much longer.  Hallelujah.

Yeah I can’t stop watching this. I keep repeating their circle step sequence over and over and over…I swear I’m about to go to the rink and learn it. I can’t get over how well it goes with the music. I love the twizzle with the leg crossed in front but what gets me is the head roll when they check out of the twizzle…it just looks like they’re all losing themselves in the music and really skating from the heart.

MIU LP - French Cup 2012

Team Paradise LP

Team Unique LP

Synchro on TV!

SportsCenter on ESPN has a video they do called “Not Top 10 Plays” which basically features 10 sports bloopers. At #9 this week is a video of the Star Mates’ warm-up block from Easterns. While we probably shouldn’t be laughing at this, they went on to win gold, so I’m sure the team is treating it pretty lightheartedly. Anything to give synchro some exposure!! And good for them for pulling themselves together after a warm-up like this!

"Sh*t People Say to Figure Skaters"

By the Maryland Synchronized Skating Team!

Here’s a video of Central Park Ice Open Juvenile where the one skater gets stuck to herself!

This is actually just a link to GIDad2009’s channel, I figured it was easier than posting many separate links. Thanks Gold Ice Dad!

EDIT: Nexxice Junior and Les Supremes Junior qualified for JWCC. You can watch their performances on GIDad2009’s channel.

"How to make the perfect synchro skating bun"

If you don’t trust bobby pins, I think most teams use clear fishing line and a big needle to sew in the bun. When I got to a high-level team we had to sew our own buns. I remember holding one end of the fishing line in my teeth and getting a line across my face from where it would press in…I was always good at sewing other people but never myself….

Spring Cup 2012!

Yes, please!!

"Beauty, Strength and Dreams of Gold!"

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2012 in Goteborg, Sweden on the 12-14 of April.

Skyliners Junior and Senior skated at Rockefeller Center to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of TODAY.